brief history

Hello! My name is Archana and I am the founder of Naturally Desi LLC.

For me the meaning of “food” was never restricted to just “a source of getting energy” – it is more; much more to me. It’s an “experience” for me. And I always wanted to share this “experience” with everyone by the medium of the food I serve.

The connection with the food journey was build up in Lucknow, India where I was born and brought up between food aromas and mouthwatering dishes. Moreover I got the cooking gene from my mother who used to cook luscious food for us.

I felt so inspired to see her preparing the recipes with so much love and passion whenever we had a party at home. And this inclined me towards cooking even more.

For higher education I had to move to Delhi, capital of India, which is famous for its diversity of food culture. Here I took my passion of cooking a step further and started cooking on a regular and professional basis.

In Delhi my staple food was the “Street Food”. They made some really authentic and delicious food items which cannot be eaten just once. Because I had my interest towards cooking I never hesitated to ask the stall owners of the recipes. And they were very helpful to share it with me.

As per my viewpoint the best food comes from either your mother’ kitchen or from the street vendors. And I’d like to bring the same taste of the “Street Food” to you through my recipes.