Catering Menu

North Ki Thali se

North Indian cuisine known for its aromatic flavors, spices and diversity. North Indian cooking has the influence of Awadh, Rajasthan, Jammu Kashmir and Delhi. Each dish has its own history and uniqueness and, own space in everyone’s memory. We have a selective collection of dishes to offer you to satisfy your craving

Items Full Tray Half Tray
Dal Tadka
( Special onion and Tomato Tadka to yellow Dal-Lentils )
$80 $45
Dal Makhni
( Black lentils and Kidney beans simmered with spices & butter cream )
$90 $45
Matar Paneer
( Cottage Cheese and Peas in a Delicately spices curry )
$90 $45
Malai Kofta
( Cottage Cheese and Potato Dumplings simmered in light cream sauce )
$100 $50
Kadai Paneer
( Cottage Cheese with curry of Bell Peppers ,Onion,Frenugreek ,Herbs &Spices )
$90 $45
Paneer Makhni
( Cubed Cottage Cheese in Buttery Gravy )
$90 $45
Shahi Paneer
( Cubed Cottage Cheese with Tomato Cream Sauce )
$100 $50
Palak Paneer
(Cottage Cheese in Cream Spinach )
$90 $45
Paneer Tikka Masala
( Tandoori Paneer in Tomato Onion Curry with Herbs & Spices )
$90 $45
Aloo Gobhi
( Subtly Spiced Cauliflower and Potatos with Herbs & Spices )
$90 $45
Mix Veg
( Various Vegetable cooked with Herbs & Traditional Spices )
$90 $45
Dam Aloo
( Whole baby fried Potatos in red gravy )
$80 $40
Jeera Aloo
( Cubed Boil Potatos tossed in mix spices )
$80 $40
Rajma Masala
( Red Kidney beans cooked with Tomato n Onion based gravy )
$80 $40
Kadai Chole
( Chikpea cooked in Traditinal Spices , Punjabi style )
$80 $40
Punjabi Kadi Pakoda
( Gram Flour Fitters in Tangy Yogurt based gravy )
$90 $45

Indo – Chinese Twist

Indian-Chinese food has long enjoyed its status as comfort food in both India and USA too. It is the adaptation of Chinese seasoning and cooking techniques to Indian tastes through a larger offering of vegetarian dishes. The Desi Chinese cuisine is said to have been developed by the small Chinese community that has lived in Kolkata for over a century. Now it’s the most famous and easily available fast food in India and world wide.

Items Full Tray Half Tray
Veg Manchurian
( Golden Fried Veg Dumplings tossed with a Spicy Mancurian Sauce )
$90 $45
Chilli Paneer
( Fried Cottage Cheese ,Onion & Peppers in a Spicy Soy Chilli Sauce )
$100 $50
Gobhi Manchurian
( Golden Fried Cauliflower florets tossed with a Spicy sauce )
$90 $45
Mushroom Manchurian
( Fried Mushroom with a Spicy Manchurian Sauce )
$100 $50
Baby Corn Manchurian
( Fried babycorn with a Spicy Manchurian Sauce )
$100 $50
Veg Balls in Hot Garlic Sauce
( Golden Fried Veg Balls in Hot garlic soy Sweet sauce )
$90 $45
Sweet n Sour Veg
( Assorted Vegetables cooked in Sweet n Spicy sauce )
$90 $45
Veg Fried Rice
( Boiled rice tossed with Veg n Soy sauce )
$90 $45
Pineapple Fried Rice
( Stir Fried Rice with the Cubes of Pineapple & Vegs )
$100 $50
Schezwan Fried Rice
( Stir Fried Rice with house chilli sauce n vegs )
$90 $45
Veg Noodles
( Noodles stir fried with Vegs n Soy sauce )
$90 $45
Hakka Noodles
( Thick Noodles Stir fried with Vegs n Soy sauce )
$90 $45
Schezwan Noodles
( A Combination of Veg Noodles in Chilli Garlic Sauce )
$90 $45
Veg Momo’s
( Handmade Tibbetan Momos filled with Cabbage & served with chilli sauce )
per count
Spring Rolls
( Deep Fried Chiniese wraps with savoury filling of vegetables )
per count

Delhi Snack Madness

Snacks are the heart of Indian culture. Each street and shops serve the best and tasty snack all of the time. Each region has its own special. While exploring Delhi I explored its own way to serve different ways of a same snack. No matter its Puchke in Banaras. Panipuri in Mumbai. Batashe in Lucknow but its Golgappa in Delhi and I call it dilli-fusion. Here we have few items in our snack menu to offer you.

Items per pieces or combo
Papdi Chat
( Crispy Small puris served with Curd,Potato,Chana,Sev n Chutneys )
Dahi Bhalle
( Deep Fried urad dal dumplings dipped in Sweet yogurt n served with chutneys n spices )
( A triangular Fried Pastry with Savory potato filling )
per count
Dal Kachori
( Round puff pastry stuffed with Spiced Dal )
per count
Bread Pakoda
( Potato stuffed bread sandwich dipped in Besan batter )
per count
Pani Puri
( Small puff puris filled with potato n flavoured spices mint water )
per count
Banarsi Aloo n Poori
( Boiled potatoes in spiced tomato gravy served with Indian fried bread )
Kathi Rolls
(paneer tikka,paneer burji,chilli paneer,veg Masala,aloo tikki)
( A selection of fillings wrapped in freshly made all purpose flour paratha )
per count
Veg Frankie
( Mix of chiniese Vegs stuffed in freshly made all purpose flour paratha )
Mix Pakoda
( Besan fried mix veg fitters )
Desi Burger
( Crispy Potato patty between burgers buns topped with cheese ,tomato & onion )
Pindi Chola n Bhatura
( Deep Fried Indian flat bread served with chole )
Dilli Kulche n Chola/Matar
( Soft baked flatbread served with chole )
Bombey Sandwich
( White bread sandwich filling layer of Tomato, Onion, Capsicum & Potato )
Aloo Tikki Platter
( Crispy Potato Patty served with curd , chutneys & Spices )
Lucknowi Kabab Paratha
( Mix of lentils n Soy chunks ground with spices & herbs pan fried patty served with Paratha )
Vada Pav
(Spicy Potato Filling deep fried in a besan batter along with hot n Spicy garlic sauce )


Indian breads are a wide variety of flat-breads and crêpes which are an integral part of Indian cuisine. Their variation reflects the diversity of Indian culture and food habits. Most Indian breads are flat-breads that are made from wheat flours such as Atta flour and Maida flour

Items Price
Roti $1 each
Roomali Roti $1 each
Stuffed Paratha
(aloo/gobhi/paneer /palak paneer /matar)
2$ each
Poori 25 counts-15$
Bhatura 1$ each (medium)
Dilli Baked Kulcha 2$ each