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Naturally Desi was started with a small catering business to serve Indian food in California. It was started 4 years ago by Archana Nirwan. Her dream was to expand and start her own Indian Fast Food Cafe.
Being born & brought up in India, Archana had her roots back there and an unbreakable connection with Indian Culture & Indian Food. To be more close to her roots & to bring American Indians came the idea of Naturally Desi.

Naturally Desi is an Indian Fast Food Cafe & Continental Bakery serving typical Desi food in San Diego, California.

Ab San Diego mei bhi lagega Indian Tadka!
Dil se Desi Naturally Desi!

What our customers Says

Don’t believe us…but you can’t ignore what our customer has to say about us.

Dayanand Gavas
Dayanand Gavas
The Kati roll is my fav! Panner Laccha paratha combo and veg Biryani is also yummy. We have almost ate all the menu items.. waiting for the new menu additions in September!
Keri Ross
Keri Ross
We had a wonderful lunch here yesterday! The food was absolutely delicious. And the staff was very friendly. We will definitely be going back. I highly recommend the sliders... I forget what the proper name was for them.
Emily Tran
Emily Tran
I absolutely adore this place! I visited several times since their recent opening and it’s totally different from the other Indian restaurants I’ve been to. It’s feels much more like home and the decor is so fun and beautiful. The food itself is amazing! There’s a large variety and it's always fresh and piping hot. I especially recommend the vada pav starter, it has great flavor and spice. I also enjoy the rotation of delicious desserts and seeing what item is new for the day. I can't wait to make my way through their menu!
Amit Pandya5
Amit Pandya5
Went this past weekend on Saturday afternoon. Nice place with good clean ambience. Great that they offer complementary chai. I would have payed $2 for the full cup as well. We ordered their special paneer pakora. Only issue I had was that paneer was cold. I felt that they were not fried on order otherwise they would have been quite warm/hot. Will give the place another try with other menu items. Dessert item and mango lassi were fine as well.
Bhawna Gupta
Bhawna Gupta
This cafe has opened 3 weeks ago and is I think one of the best Indian cafes in San Diego. Nice ambience, good bollywood songs in the background, authentic Indian food - made me feel like home. Loved the Vada Paav, Samosa chaat and Noodles. Paani puri was okay and the curry of Chilly Paneer was good. The chai was good too and it was on house. The owner of the cafe is a nice lady. Overall had a wonderful experience. Will come again 🙂


Enjoy the taste of India only at Naturally Desi Cafe.

Check out our menu

Indian food served with love at Naturally Desi Cafe.


SAMOSA .......... $5

A small triangular pastry filled with spiced potato & peas filling & fried in oil. Served with tangy tamarind & spicy coriander chutney.

VADA PAV .......... $8

Deep-fried chickpea flour-coated potato balls served inside a slider bun.

PAV BHAJI .......... $8

Mumbai special spiced mixture of mashed vegetables in thick tangy & semi-spicy gravy. Served with buttery pillowy pav.

SPRING ROLL (6PCS) .......... $7

Indo-chinese cooked vegetables, rolled in thin wonton wrappers & deep-fried to give a scrumptious crunchy coating.

GOBI MANCHURIAN .......... $12

Fried Cauliflower bites coated with sweet, tangy & spice indo-chinese style sauce.

CHILLI PANEER .......... $12

Cottage cheese coated with a flavourful batter & deep fried. Coated with creamy, sweet & spicy sauce.

Onion pakora .......... $8

Onions coated in chickpea batter and fried till crispy.

Mirchi bhajji .......... $7

Green Chili fritters stuffed with spiced onions, cilantro in chickpea batter.


CHILLI CHICKEN .................... $13

It’s a sweet, spicy & slightly sour crispy appetizer made with chicken with added bell peppers, garlic, chili sauce & soya sauce.

CHICKEN 65 ............................... $11

A popular spicy chicken appetizer that’s made by marinating & frying chicken bites coated with flour & spices.

Shrimp pakora .......................... $12

Shrimps marinated is spices, coated in chickpea batter and fried.

CHICKEN WINGS .......................... $12

(Mango chilli sauce )
Tender chicken wings coated with spices and smoked until juicy & tender.


MANCHOW SOUP (VEG) .......... $6

Indo-chinese style hot soy soup with chopped vegetables , garlic & onion. Served with Fried Noodles


Indo-chinese style hot soy soup with chopped vegetables, garlic & onion. Served with Fried Noodles.

RASAM (TOMATO) .......... $6

An appetizing aromatic South Indian soup made with ripe tomatoes, spices & curry leaves.

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